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Alumni Update - November 2011

Our CFMS alumni continue to be advocates as Physicians. Dr Brad Dibble (President 88/89), now a  Cardiologist in Barrie, ON, recently published a book entitled Comprehending the Climate Crisis: Everything you need to know about Global Warming and how to stop it. Check out his website to find out more or to purchase his book.

Also check out the CFMS Green Charter to see what the CFMS is doing to reduce our environmental impact.

Alumni Update - October 2011

Our second Alumni Lunch at the Calgary AGM was a huge success!

The alumni in attendance were; Dr David Keegan (President 94/95), Dr Kevin Busche (President 96/97), Dr Matthew Erskine (President 01/02), Dr Sayeh Zielke (nee Minosepher) (President 03/04), Dr Meira Louis (Western Regional Rep 07/08), Dr Gillian Shiau (VP Finance 08/09), and Dr Ijab Khanafer (VP Communications 09/10).

Everyone had a chance to catch up with the current students of their alma mater, and shared stories with the whole group about their favourite projects with the CFMS. Our alumni were a great inspiration for the start of a new year, and the Alumni Lunch was the highlight of the AGM for many!

We look forward to continuing this fun and inspiring tradition at the next SGM in Banff in conjunction with the CCME. Please let us know if you will be in the Banff area or attending the CCME on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Hello CFMS/FEMC Alumni - We want to hear from you!

Alumni are one of the most important parts of the CFMS/FEMC; it’s the passion, perseverance and vision of our alumni that has built the foundation for our current student initiatives. It’s amazing to see how the activities of the CFMS/FEMC have developed over the years in representing the needs of Canadian medical students in medical education and post-graduate training issues, building global health initiatives, and advocating for accessibility in medical school tuition fees, just to name a few. While our organization has made huge strides, the core issues that were the driving force behind the creation of the CFMS/FEMC continue to be a focus of many of our projects; a legacy our alumni have helped to preserve and move forward.

Even after moving on to post-graduate medical training and careers as physicians, CFMS/FEMC alumni continue to give back through contributions to the CFMS/FEMC Annual Review, speaking engagements at our Federal Lobby Day, contributing to our Institutional Memory Project, and helping to recognize student leaders across the country through the CFMS/FEMC & RBC Student Leadership Awards. Their contributions to our latest Annual Review are posted here, and you can see the results of alumni contributions to the the Institutional Memory Project in the History section of our website.

We love hearing from our alumni, so please contact us with any questions, to contribute to our Alumni projects, or just to keep in touch and say hello!

Contact us:

Cait Champion, Alumni Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rosemary Conliffe, General Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7 Ways to Connect, Inspire and Support as a CFMS/FEMC Alumnus

(1)  Say hello and send us your contact information so we can send you a copy of our latest CFMS/FEMC Annual Review and keep you in the loop about our Alumni activities

(2)  Contribute to the CFMS/FEMC Annual Review

Write an article, pass your wisdom onto medical students through our Alumni Q & A, or send in a short blurb or photo for our Alumni Updates section. We especially love hearing about where you are now, as well as photos of weddings and new babies!


 (3) Write our history by adding to the CFMS/FEMC Institutional Memory Project

The Institutional Memory Project, initiated in 2009/10, is dedicated to strengthening our organizational history to ensure future projects are rooted in our past successes and that we learn from our challenges.  To date, many past Executive members have helped give context to our current issues by contributing to our Organizational Timeline, which can be found in the History section of our website.  You’ll notice there are still many gaps, and we would love to hear from you to help fill them in!

 (4) Recognize our incredible medical student leaders across the country by selecting the CFMS/FEMC & RBC Student Leadership Award Recipients

Established in 2010/11 the CFMS/FEMC & RBC Student Leadership Awards recognize a medical student at each member school for their inspiring contributions to their fellow students, schools and communities.  This year a number of alumni helped review nomination forms and select the deserving winners.  Let us know if you’re interested in participating in the Spring 2012 selection process for 2011/12.

 (5) Inspire medical student leaders by speaking at our Annual Lobby Day or another CFMS/FEMC event

CFMS/FEMC Lobby Day is an opportunity for medical student advocates from across the country to come together on Parliament Hill and meet with MPs regarding an issue of importance to our members.  An important part of this annual event is a training day for student participants to build their advocacy skills.  If you are a Physician advocate we would love to have you participate in our training day to share your expertise with our student leaders.

 (6) Be a mentor for CFMS/FEMC initiatives

Student turnover is one of the biggest challenges the CFMS/FEMC faces as an organization year after year.  We’re looking for alumni with past experience on the Executive, Global Health Program, Political Advocacy Committee, or as on Officer or Rep to help support our current medical student leaders in building on previously established projects or developing new initiatives.  Your context and experience is invaluable and by providing a little support and guidance to a new leader you can help make our projects even better.

 (7) Join us for the Alumni Lunch at our next AGM or SGM

The CFMS/FEMC Alumni Lunch was started at the 2011 Spring General Meeting in Toronto as a way for our alumni to reconnect with each other, inspire and be inspired by our current medical student leaders.  Our next Alumni Lunch will be at our upcoming Spring General Meeting in Banff on Saturday, April 14.  Please contact us if you are an Alumnus in the Banff area or attending the CCME and would like to be part of this growing tradition!