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Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Health Liaison: Bradley Johnson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

The Aboriginal Health Liaison (AHL) position was recently created to advocate for Aboriginal health and medical education within the CFMS and its members. The AHL aims to enhance discussion and awareness of Aboriginal health issues within Canada by providing support and resources to medical students. The AHL also exists to foster connections across the country between students and faculty with an interest in Aboriginal health.

This year, the specific AHL initiatives are:

  1. To create a web-based collection of educational resources for use by interested students and member schools.
  2. To create a comprehensive report detailing all health-care mentorship programs for Aboriginal youth that currently exist in Canada. This report can be used as a reference by interested youth and those who wish to create new mentorship opportunities.
  3. To promote the inclusion of an Aboriginal perspective in other GHP and CFMS initiatives.

More generally, the AHL aims to:

  1. Engage and collaborate with students interested in local Aboriginal Health initiatives at each of the 14 CFMS member schools.
  2. Create new and sustain existing partnerships with external Aboriginal health-related organizations such as IPAC and NAHO.
  3. Encourage and support collaboration of the interest groups with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health care professionals and traditional healers in developing skills needed for the provision of effective health care for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis patients.
  4. Promote the adoption of core competencies in Aboriginal Health (as outlined in the document “First Nations, Inuit, Métis Health Core Competencies: A Curriculum Framework for Undergraduate Medical Education”) as mandatory components of undergraduate medical education in Canada.
  5. Support and encourage local efforts to incorporate appropriate Aboriginal health content in the undergraduate medical education curriculum.
  6. To promote medicine as a career for Aboriginal students and highlight mentorship opportunities to support students.
  7. Aid medical schools with identification of optimal approaches to provide and promote health care using models that are effective, relevant and acceptable to Aboriginal populations.


Useful Aboriginal Health Websites:

Title Website Commentary
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) NAHO was recently shut down due to federal government funding cuts. Their collection of research and resources will remain available until December 2017.
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Indiginous Physicians Association of Canada
Truth and Reconcilliation Commission of Canada (TRC)
National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (UNBC)
Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environments
First Nations Health Council (BC)
AFMC: Aboriginal Needs in Medical Education A wonderful collection of Aboriginal health educational resources for health sciences students and practitioners.
The Feather Effect: Understanding the Architecture of Cross-Cultural Bridge Building (free e-book);source=gbs_navlinks_s
University of Victoria Continuing Studies: Cultural Safety Modules Completely free and highly recommended.
Module 1: Peoples' Experiences of Colonization
Module 2: Peoples' Experiences of Oppression
Module 3: Peoples' Experiences of Colonization in Relation to Health Care
Canadian Authentic indiginous web tv from Canada and communities across the globe. 5000+ films in 500 languages.
âpihtawikosisân Law, language, life: A Plains Cree speaking Métis woman in Montreal
Thunderstone Pictures
A Tribe Called Red Polaris-prize nominated Canadian duo, known for creating their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as Pow Wow Step that is quickly gaining respect from all kinds of communities from all around the world.
8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada and the Way Forward CBC documentary on contemporary Aboriginal issues in Canada.
1491s: Indiginous Sketch Comedy “If you’re going to tell them the truth, you better make them laugh, or they will kill you” – Oscar Wilde
Cultural Survival "Partnering with Indigenous Peoples to Defend their Lands, Languages, and Cultures" An American-based NGO with strong ties to South America.
American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL)

Aboriginal culture and health in film: