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CFMS Position Papers

The Committee on Health Policy, led by the National Officer of Health Policy and Vice-President Government Affairs, serves as a resource for the creation and revision of CFMS Policy Documents and Position Statements. Any CFMS member is welcome to submit a Policy Document or Position Statement for approval by the General Assemby. For more information, please see the Committee on Health Policy Terms of Reference.

Contact our National Officer of Health Policy, Tamara Ibrahim, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or VP Government Affairs, Jessica Harris, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Interested in writing a position paper? Please see the suggested template.

Current Policy Documents and Position Statements


Family Medicine and Primary Care: Committing to the Future Sept. 2015
Global Health Core Competencies in Undergraduate Medical Education Sept. 2015
Improving Healthcare for LGTBQ Populations Sept. 2015
Indigenous Peoples and Health in Medical Education Sept. 2015
Medical Student Health and Well-Being Sept. 2015
Preserving Medicare and Optimizing the Canadian Healthcare System Sept. 2015
Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship Apr. 2015
Blood Donation Deferrals Apr. 2015
Disaster Management Plans in Canadian Medical Schools Apr. 2015
Interprofessional Education in Canadian Medical Schools Apr. 2015
Pharmacare: Promoting Equitable Access to Medications Apr. 2015
Health Care for Transgender Patients: Medical Education and Patient Access Apr. 2015
National Pharmaceutical Drug Shortages Sept. 2014
Resources to Support the Learning Environment for Clinical Clerks Sept. 2014
Protecting the Next Generation from Tobacco Products and Nicotine Addiction Sept. 2014
Criminalization of HIV Sept. 2014
Access to Adequate and Affordable Housing Apr. 2014
Interprofessional Collaborative Care Apr. 2014
Comprehensive Sexual Education Sept. 2013
Induced Abortion Sept. 2013
Physician Recruitment and Retention Strategies May 2013
Post-Graduate Match Location Bias May 2013
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Apr. 2013
CFMS Guide to Social Media and Professionalism Apr. 2013
Social Determinants of Health  Apr. 2013
IMGs, IMGCs & CMGs: Canadian Healthcare Training and Self-Sufficiency Oct. 2012
CFMS Professionalism Policy Sept. 2011
Industry Funding in Medical Schools Sept. 2011
Distributed Medical Education May 2011
Representation Paper Oct. 2010
Aboriginal Health Policy Statement Oct. 2010
Diversity in Medicine Sept. 2010
Return of Service Sept. 2010
Tuition Sept. 2010
Position Paper Guidelines July 2010
Ethical Recruitment of IMGs by Canadian Provinces May 2008
Public Private Interface May 2006
The Senior Medical Student Charter II Oct. 2004
Career Decision Making Oct. 2003


Archived Policy Documents and Position Papers

To view our archived policy documents and position papers, see Archived Policy Documents and Position Papers.